Navy Blue Double Breasted Suit

10 Mayıs 2020
Navy Blue Double Breasted Suit


              The History of the Navy Blue double breasted suit can be traced back through imperialist British history, particularly to the British navy. Life on Deck was often unhappy one for sailors, so the double-breasted jacket was a true gamer-change when it came along. One of the first known Double breasted jackets was the reefer, which was loved for its durability and warmth. With the option of being buttoned left side over right or right side over left, the innovative jacket kept sailors warm no matter what way the wind was blowing.


             A Navy blue double breasted suit is naturally dressier compared to its single breasted sibling. The most striking characteristic of the double breasted suit is two columns of buttons. It also has wide panels of fabric at the front of the jacket. A double breasted suit can come with anywhere between four to eight buttons. The double breasted suit can also be found with the shawl or peak labels. One significant difference between the double breasted and single breasted suit is the level of formality. The double breasted suit is generally accepted as being more formal than the single breasted suit.


             People who are fond of attending occasions, parties or formal meetings opts to wear Navy blue double breasted suit. The Navy Blue colour of double breasted suits are most likely to seek attraction, that is the reason most of the people shows interest to wear double breasted in Navy blue colour. Not only this is the reason for wearing navy blue double breasted suit, senior executive and Managers also wears Navy blue double breasted suits in their offices and business meetings or gatherings. Navy blue colour allows almost every person to wear with different skin colours as it suits them and makes them groom more.

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