Soul Of Suit

05 December 2017

Let’ s talk about effect of suit to our soul in daily life. We know every single piece has a power of energy and that’ s why we just decide to share with you guys which products has influence on us in men fashion area so we can choose which kind of soul we want in our life.

Chasmere Difference

05 December 2017
In fashion industry produces products almost as you wishes and in this ter mor season there is a fabric which named to cashmere is showing us its difference from other fabrics. Couse for winter it is the best choise to produce items, it mixed wool, cotton and viscon; means it will keep you warm and stylish

Plaid Pattern Harmony

05 December 2017
There is a new subject to need talk about fort his season especially nowadays. In fashion trend there is a fabric which is named plaid. And when we talk about it, This pattern is really good trend for menswear. You can see around this fabric in suit, blazers, and pants.

Trend Alert 'Double Breasted'

05 December 2017
Every season has own trend so when we talk about this season double breasted cut products are coming first. Especially on blazer you can be trendy. couse this kind of piece is useful for every kind of combination.

Over and Over Style

05 December 2017
This is the correct time with this style, you can make your look trendy in this season. The weather is gettirng cold but still confused which means also we are confused to make our combination for daily outfit couse eve we have sunny day, temperature level is less so this style is benefit to protect yourselves and get a trendy look in this term.

You Are The City

05 December 2017
If you have a chance to make a vision for your own path you should evaluate to city which is really important in our life. We have a connection between city to us that’s why we are giving direction to city and city gives direction to collection of campanies and in red life we feed from city’s men.


05 December 2017
When weather get ten after sun, now it terms for fall and winter time guys an deven still weather heat is going good but everybody just started to prepare for wind and a bit cold.
So lets start to change our wardrobe and show your style for fall/winter. That’s why we just present our new collection 17/18 fall/winter and we have a great story for man fashion lovers.

Back to School

05 December 2017
There is a trend which is coming from college look. Nowadays especially the youngest part of men use this look to catch fashion trend. With basic products a shirt, a knitwear and blazer will be perfect choise for get this gollegian look for you.

Festival Look Advices

05 December 2017
Even though the seasonal processes of festivals, which are one of the special occasions where all wishes and good intentions come together, the choices you will make these days should make you feel comfortable and elegant. In this regard, we have prepared some festival proposals for you.

Correct Pants With Corect Lenght

05 December 2017
The subject is about pants! But  first which part of pant we need to talk and this is the question, there is lots of kinds for pants. We can start to make on explanation from waist part of pants.
There is three kind of waist shape for pants, high- normal- low cuts are the most popüler ones. They are really useful for men’ wardrobe to make a correct combination.
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