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Menswear Manufacturing & Production

Menswear Manufacturing

Wessi has been producing menswear since 1982 in Turkey. Wessi produces both its own collection and other big brands’ collections with its high production volume, quality craftsmanship and quick delivery. Wessi provides all necessary information and service to its customers about menswear production.
We have world-class production quality and our factories are working in accordance with all human rights. Wessi primarily gives importance to quality and quality control team is the most important part of the factory.
Wessi has 3 types of menswear production.

  • Wholesale Purchasing with Wessi Brand
In this type of production, Wessi manufactures all its products under its own brand and puts its collection into its own stock. After professional photoshooting of collection, it is presented to its franchisees and wholesale buyers for bulk purchasing or production requests. In additon, the collection is sold as retail to all countries via There is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) of all product groups for wholesale orders.

  • Production of Wessi Collection under Your Brand Name
In this type of production, you select products from Wessi collection and these products are produced with your brand. The products that you choose to be produced will not be provided to any other brands in your region. All you need to do is to choose the product styles from Wessi Showrooms or and place your order as private label. Your brand label will be produced by our team. Wessi makes Private Label production to plenty of local brands and boutiques.

  • Production of Your Own Collection with Your Brand Name
In this type of production, Wessi manufactures special collections of world brands, local brands and boutiques.We can also produce the fabric you like in Turkey. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) of this type of production is slightly higher than bulk purchasing from Wessi stock and Private Label production of Wessi collection. Wessi makes this type of production for several world's leading brands and local brands.
You can contact us for more information about production. Our production team will answer all your questions in detail. You can email us at, text or call us at 0553 004 56 86 via WhatsApp / Viber.
You can also provide your contact information in the link below. Our production team will reach you as soon as possible.
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