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Double-Breasted Blazer

Double-Breasted Blazer

Double-breasted blazers are generally more suitable for medium and tall persons, but this is not a
hard and fast rule, and other individuals can also wear a double-breasted blazer. If your body is
slightly shorter or wider, then please note to find a blazer without padding in the shoulder area.
Another tip to slightly slim the double-breasted blazer is to choose a blazer with slim lapels.
One of the highlights of the new 2018 double-breasted blazer is that it is perfect for any color. It
is also great for displaying any number of patterns and styles. What makes this blazer special is
that although it is traditionally a two-piece blazer, you can now wear them as a great piece to
create a variety of stylish looks.
A good way to improve your smart look is to choose a blazer with six buttons instead of the
usual four buttons on the double-breasted blazer. Extra buttons add a touch of style and
sophistication to the look. Another trick to get the most out of your blazer is to make sure you
maximize the efficiency of your accessories - always worth having matching accessories, this
shows that the real attention to detail is not overlooked. If your blazer has a pattern or a
secondary color, it is wise to choose the accessory based on the color in the pattern. If you are
attending a more informal event, pair your blazer with fine denim jeans or Chino, this makes
people feel more relaxed while letting the blazer complete all the conversations. It can also make
the blazer more prominent without making your entire look too serious.
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