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Armored Shirt 
Arma detail, one of the most popular products in recent years, has also succeeded in carrying itself to the front line by entering the shirt family. Especially its usage in camouflage colors attract the attention of guys who like to be stylish and trendy. This shirt group which is more suitable to be interpreted as sport, differs from other shirts in that it is used as a modernized period piece in the fashion cycle. Thus, even if it is hidden in your wardrobe, it will be  also involved in our life as a product that you can use again as a result of the influence of this cycle. 
Armored shirts, especially the armas that grab attentions with its stance on shoulder knot, back and chest take a place in shirt category, in shirt model category as armored shirts and presented to your liking with plenty of shirt styles.  Armored shirts that are both compatible with old school & army treads and also renewed in accordance with fashion include you in the adventurous shopping process.

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