Blazer From Past To Present

Blazer is usually a double-breasted jacket that was initially worn by men of the 19th century.

Blazers were trendy in England. The blazer name comes from the bright colors that made up the first jackets. However, today, there are many women wearing blazers. These usually come in neutral colors. In the past, blazers were brightly colored and had striped patterns.

Previously, there were boys in private schools wearing blazers with short pants and long socks. Today, even girls attending private schools and boarding schools have blazers in their uniforms. The fabric that makes up a blazer can differ from linen to woolen, flannel, etc.
It was not until the late of the 1970s that blazers were also widely worn by women. In the 1980s, all women wore blazers at their respective official workplaces. The blazers were of different colors, had buttons, and massive decorations. Women generally wore woolen, cashmere, or lighter flannel blazers such as cotton, polyester, or rayon. Women's blazers were more fitted than men's.

Men's blazers 

Nowadays, we are seeing that men's blazers are becoming more and more popular. They moved away from the 80s scene and became a secure means of comfort and style during the winters.
Blazers also make a statement about who wears it. It gives an impact that can be positive or maybe negative. The style and fitting of a particular blazer could reflect the character of the person who is wearing it.
You can wear it with any clothing. It can be worn with a shirt and tie or even without a tie. Blazers are stylish with jeans or pants.
Here again, the types of blazers also change according to the professions. Men's blazers would come in different styles if they worked in the navy, police, or army. Blazers are also worn in sportswear such as cricket, tennis, rowing, etc. Men can also change their leather blazers and use them as raincoats.

Tips For The Fitted Blazer

Here are some tips to turn this professional blazer into an occasional business.
Wear it with a t-shirt, washed or unbuttoned collarless shirt, jeans and corduroy jeans and boots or running shoes.
Contrasting colors and unusual and original color combinations are more recent.
A trendy blazer with a stylish look
Wear it with sweaters, V-necks, short sleeves, half zips, and even cardigans.
Combine light v-neck sweaters with an open-neck shirt with suit pants and shoes - another smart look.
The sober colors and tonal arrangements are usually more elegant and sophisticated.
The critical thing with blazers is the measure
Thus, it is necessary to be clear with the physical measures, for that, to use a tape measure and to measure under the arms, then through the shoulder blades. The resulting measurement would be the corresponding size of the blazer.
Check the overall fit and comfort
Once you've selected a men's blazer, try it and see how it feels. Sit down with the blazer, then get up and move. 

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